Bill Parkes

CPA – Certified Practising Accountant
Director – Southern Cross Accounting Group Redlands

Email: bill@southerncrossaccounting.com.au

I’ve been involved in public practice since 1 July 2000 and my area of interest lies in helping business owners improve their business performance. All businesses need the assistance of a tax agent to help them meet their tax obligations and many business owners only want an accountant (tax agent) to assistant in that role. If you are, that’s fine, and yes I provide all those services (financial statements, tax returns for business and the associated individuals and investment entities , FBT returns, tax minimisation and asset protection advice, etc) but you’re looking at the wrong website.

I assist businesses that want more growth, to be more profitable, to have more working capital and to be more efficient. We provide advice based on the financial information of your business to help you do just that and it’s ongoing – not just a once off engagement with a pretty but expensive report sitting in your boardroom gathering dust. I fill the space where your business needs more financial information/analysis to achieve greater business success but isn’t large enough to afford the services of  a full time in-house accountant and wants that role tied to their public practice accountant. If that’s you, then keep reading.

There are hundreds of accounting firms in Brisbane alone that market themselves as niche firms (which is usually code for small) offering ‘business consulting’ work where the total percentage of work they do in that area is next to nil. They also offer every service under the sun –  individual tax returns, superannuation, business valuations, due diligence reports, audits, forensic investigations, bookkeeping, etc with little or no expertise in those areas. I don’t do that – I attend to your compliance needs while working with you in a business consulting role. Further the support is ongoing – not just some once off business analysis that leads to a pretty but expensive report sitting in you boardroom gathering dust.  I work with you and your business continuously to the point when you’ve sold it as part of your retirement plan, in short, its along term relationship. I don’t pretend to have all the answer either to achieve success in business and accordingly have surrounded myself with a network of professionals in the key aspects of business (banking & finance, marketing, HR,  IT support, bookkeeping, financial planning and law).

They way the services are delivered is unique to the industry and whether you are new to business or have been I business for years but want an accountant to partner with you and your goal to run a great business then give me a call and arrange a time to see how I can we can work together to that end.


  • Certified Practising Accountant
  • Tax Agent
  • B.Bus (Accounting)
  • B.Applied Science (MA)
  • 14 years in public practice

Contact Details:


1300 722 570


Suite H24 Cineplex Building 7 High Street VICTORIA POINT QLD 4165

Brisbane South office - 39a
Woodhaven Place Cornubia Q 4130


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