What is Director Identification Number?

The director ID is a 15 digit number used to identify you as a business director to certify that you have validated your identity and to prohibit the use of fake or fraudulent IDs. Similar to TFN, once registered, this is the identification number that stays with you indefinitely, even if you change businesses, stop being a director, or change your name. If you become the director of another firm, you must disclose his phone number.

Who needs to apply for DIN?

If you are a director or an alternate director filling in for:

  • Under the Corporation Act 2001, a business, a registered Australian organisation, or a registered foreign corporation.

This comprises charities, not-for-profit organisations, and corporate trustees.

When do you need to apply for DIN?

Depending on when you originally became a director, you have numerous periods in which to apply.

Under the Corporation Act, directors must- 

  • If you were a director before April 5, 2022 you should have applied already.
  • From April 5, 2022, you must apply before being appointed.

How to Apply?

You are the only person who can apply for a director ID.

To apply for your director ID online, you must already have your myGovID set up with either standard or strong identity strength. If you do not have your myGovID, you can do so by following the instructions to set it up. Please keep in mind that this is not the same as your myGov account.

To apply, please visit https://www.abrs.gov.au/. You must submit your TFN as well as the residence address registered with the ATO. You should also have two papers to prove your identification, such as your bank account information, an ATO Notice of Assessment, or a PAYG payment summary.

If you are unable to get a myGovID, you can apply by phone or by paper; however, you will be required to show additional evidence of identification papers that have been certified. If you are a foreign director of an Australian firm, you must apply on paper and supply certified and translated documentation (if required)

How Can We Help?

As previously said, only you can apply for your Director ID; however we can assist you in ensuring their information with the ATO, ABR, and ASIC is correct. By providing that your information is inconsistent across all registered, we can file the necessary forms with ASIC, allowing the data matching procedure to locate your records. If you have queries about the ARBS or the director’s ID, don’t hesitate to contact us right away to talk with a member of our helpful support staff.