Cloud computing services streamline business operations in a much faster and effective way.

When we are talking about Digital Communication, HR, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management and many more, be sure not to be wasting your resources. You can lay your faith in Southern Cross Accounting for excellent quality cloud computing services all over Brisbane with Xero & MYOB cloud accounting system with bank transaction feeds. It helps in providing you with money and time-saving processing solution. We offer free set-up, free video training and discounted one-to-one training. We help you in every step of the way with easy to understand, cost-saving solutions. We also partner with MYOB & Quickbooks.

Availing of the cloud-based tax and accounting services from Southern Cross Accounting, you don’t have to purchase or manage your software and hardware. We make sure to configure the entire business application cost-effectively to reach your level of expectation. We help in making the business applications a lot more cooperative and mobile.

Business Benefits 

  • Unrivalled Security Unmatched accessibility to the system on the mobile device from anywhere across the globe.
  • It requires no on-site backup or maintenance.
  • Scale-able systems custom-made for the business.
  • It uses similar programs and applications are you already love and are aware of.

Greater Accessibility

  • It is a replacement for all physical hardware, i.e. hard drives and servers.
  • It works remotely while you access just a central point of data.
  • Adaptable, Reliable and secure system.
  • Accessibility increases efficiency.
  • Initiates quality solutions.

Disaster Recovery

We have successfully developed a high-speed recovery service that’s always available and even in times of need. The cloud hosting disaster service has three heads, and it focuses on backup, security and protection. Brisbane’s tax and accounting service keep the data ready and safe when you come across any unprecedented scenario.

This service owns, develops and operates a secure and private data centre solution. It uses multi-layered redundancies and off-site data backup, which exceeds the industry standards. During any emergency, Cloud Hosting recovers all your data in a jiffy by accessing one of the secure copies from the multiple copies. It helps to keep the business running even when the hardware fails.

The Software We Provide at Discounted Rates- 

  1. Xero– With robust accounting features, Xero Accounting software allows small business owners to access their account details, cash flows and transactions from anywhere in the world. While using this software, bank transactions are coded and imported automatically. This software helps to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime and from any device. It even helps in building a reliable relationship through online collaborations.
  2. MYOB– Offering a wide range of products from the tax and accounting Software Company, we make sure to provide them at the best possible rate. The products include MYOB Essentials, Essential Payrolls and MYOB Account Right. These are all ideal for both small and large businesses.

To avail of the services and software at discounted rates, feel free to get in touch with us and make your business flourish.